AmSty is an industry leader in polystyrene technology. AmSty has a rich history of developing innovative process technology solutions, sophisticated production processes and catalysts, and modern plant designs. 

Our legacy includes a number of pioneering discoveries such as the development of Valtra® advanced styrenic polymers and STYRON A-TECH™ advanced performance polystyrene resins. Our combined strengths in styrene monomer technology and engineering expertise ensure AmSty leadership position in the western hemisphere.  

Our state-of-art manufacturing facilities located around the world and leading Technology & Research Center (MTC) in Marietta, Ohio gives AmSty the leading expertise in application development and fabrication, and the highest level of ongoing engineering and operations services and support. Our experienced engineers and scientists collaborate with customers to deliver new and improved products and solutions that meet a diverse and changing set of needs.

As the global leader in polystyrene for injection molding, extrusion and thermoforming markets, AmSty is committed to offering customers versatile, viable solutions. All operations are supported with the latest technological advances and process improvements by the efforts of our research and technology teams at the AmSty Marietta, Ohio Technology & Research Center (MTC).  We offer consultation with top researchers and engineers to assist in the formulation of new development resins, optimizing polymerization conditions, and solving complex fabrication issues.

At AmSty, we continue to push technological boundaries. We have developed landmark products in many AmSty offerings, such as our high impact polystyrene (HIPS) known for its ease of use in printing applications. As we move into the future, we know our talented team of researchers, scientists and engineers will continue to make discoveries and breakthroughs that will impact the future for many years to come.